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Our Solutions


Offering a plethora of services which aid marketers in better understanding and navigating the market. From gathering information, to finding communication partners, identifying the right events, conducting surveys or sending out press releases OMNES Media is your ideal partner.


A unique media planning, buying and selling platform allowing an end-to-end relationship between the advertisers and the media owners. The platform allows media vendors to share all the information about their media including rates, availabilities, reach and so on whereby the algorithms in the platform promote and propose the correct media to the advertisers by connecting the offer of the media to the requirement of the advertisers.


The only I to I (Idea to Invoice) influencer marketing platform whereby the system’s AI proposes the ideal influencers to the advertisers based on their requirements.

Picture1.png (Coming Soon)

An end-to-end solution to manage all aspects of a PR agency, manage the day-to-day content management, client relations and media relations tasks. The multi users’ system is supported with tracking, monitoring and reporting features.

Supporting Media Industry Marketplaces

OMNES Technologies digital products are unique and powerful platforms that offer all the resources needed by media professionals. The platforms are currently web-based, providing easy-to-use interfaces and dashboards, streamlining workflow processes, improving efficiency & productivity, and facilitating resources management.

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