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OMNES Media Organizes a panel discussion during "Advertising Week 2020" with eminent global speakers

29 September 2020: OMNES Media, a company specialized in developing and managing digital media and marketing solutions, is organizing a panel discussion under the title: "Reshaping the Advertising Landscape with Technology’"during the 17th edition of the renowned global event, "Advertising Week 2020", which will be virtually held from September 29th to October 8th, 2020.

The session will be held on Friday, October 2, 2020 at 2:00 pm EDT, with a galaxy of world-renowned speakers. The most relevant and current issues which will be discussed in the session include: How COVID-19 affected consumer behavior; how advertisers face the disruption, which is considered a boon for many and a bane for others; and, the influence of privacy-driven changes imposed by some ad networks like Google on the advertising market.

The speakers will also address the various technological solutions that were recently developed to boost the advertising market along with their feasibility and future. This includes the "Advert on Click" platform, the first open digital marketplace and global advertising marketing agency on the Internet, which deploys artificial intelligence mechanisms in marketing and selling different types of advertising spaces worldwide.

The session will be led by Mohammad Shihadah, co-founder and Chairman of US based AppTek and CEO of iDentv. Shihadah has more than three decades of experience in human language technologies, artificial intelligence systems, system architecture designing and deployment, as well as media monitoring solutions and their applications. Key speakers will also include Pippa Scaife, Senior Commercial Director, Digital Revenue Strategy, CNN International Commercial. She will also focus her area of discussion on the growing partnerships of emerging brands as well as developing branding solutions and building on successful partnerships. Tom Roche, Euronews' VP, Digital Commercial Strategy & Revenue Development, is another eminent speaker in the event. Roche leads the global digital commercial team dedicated to digital excellence, growth and transformation across all platforms.

The session will be moderated by Chris Burns, an expert moderator of several panel discussions, and a global media trainer with more than three decades of experience and conversational skills in five European languages.

In his statement, Fahed Aldeeb, Co-Founder and CEO of OMNES Media, said: “The global advertising industry is rather complicated; and in the wake of the growing market share of digital tools in the total advertising spending, the timing and choice of such tools has become more significant than never before.” “This calls for innovating more sophisticated tools for marketers to help them better deal with market variables and enhance the chances of reshaping the future of advertising by using technology,” he added.

"It is a known fact that digital advertising is currently witnessing tremendous development,” Aldeeb said. “This will definitely increase the volume of investments in marketing and communication technology, and hence OMNES Media ventured to invest in the Advert on Click platform, which will change the rules of the game in the field of marketing and selling advertising spaces in both the traditional and digital aspects. OMNES Media session will include fruitful and effective discussions on the changing trends in the advertising industry and will seek possible solutions for recovery from the current crisis,” he added.

It is worth noting that the “Advertising Week” is a global event that thousands follow worldwide. This year, however, the virtual event is expected to attract more followers, especially marketing and media specialists and decision-makers. This would add to the value of the event outputs, recommendations and solutions that enhance the advertising industry. All are invited to take part in this global event through the following link:

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