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OMNES Media, Kharabeesh sign partnership to offer advanced advertising solutions

17 March 2021: OMNES Media, the leading developer of digital media and marketing solutions, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Kharabeesh, the leading producer of media, entertainment and animation content, to provide advanced advertising solutions to advertisers in numerous sectors.

The agreement was signed at OMNES Media’s headquarters in Dubai recently by Fahed Aldeeb, Chief Executive Officer of OMNES Media, and Mohammed Asfour, Chief Executive Officer of Kharabeesh.

OMNES Media and Kharabeesh have joined hands for providing their services to advertisers in public and private sectors worldwide in innovative and professional products aimed at enhancing the impact of advertising campaigns on the targetted audience by using creative content..

Talking about OMNES Media’s role in this agreement, Fahed Aldeeb, CEO, said: “OMNES Media has developed digital tools tailored to meet the requirements of advertisers, including ( that provides information about media globally; and (, which is the first of its kind platform in marketing and selling advertising space of all kinds in multiple markets in the world. We also have (, a full service Influencer Marketing platform that offers for I to I (Idea to Invoice) solutions via the platform itself."

Aldeeb added: “Through its digital tools, OMNES Media will provide the information and data that advertisers may wish to have before launching their campaigns. This enhances communication between advertisers and the media as well as influencers Allowing for a smooth and direct way to plan and book advertising space. We are delighted to partner with Kharabeesh as one of the most reputable regional companies in providing creative content that matches the requirements of advertisers and their advertising campaigns."

For his part, Mohammed Asfour, CEO of Kharabeesh (, said: “Kharabeesh has a long history and extensive experience in producing creative content, and a well-qualified team with wide knowledge and comprehensive know-how in producing advertising material suitable for various business semments. This enables us to offer advertising content for campaigns based on a clear and deep understanding of the reality of the brand, the clients’ objectives and the target audience, thus distinguishing each campaign from its counterparts."

Asfour continued: "Our relationship with OMNES Media will bring forth unique advertising solutions for all advertisers thus enhancing the impact of advertising campaigns on the target audience across traditional or digital media, in a way that achieves the optimal impact for any of the advertising campaigns that run through the alliance of OMNES Media and Kharabeesh."

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