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2 June 2020: Advertising Week (AW), the world’s largest annual gathering of brand, content creation, creative, entertainment, marketing, media and technology industry leaders has revealed it’s first post-COVID-19 expansion plans in partnership with OMNES Media, the leading digital hub in the Middle East North Africa region. The year-round global alliance includes a new MENA content vertical on AW360; a new edition of the Great Minds podcast focused on the region; dedicated thought leadership content for AWLEARN; integration of MENA content in Advertising Week’s Fall 2020 agenda; and a new edition of Advertising Week to run concurrently with EXPO 2021 Dubai UAE which begins October 1, 2021 and concludes March 31, 2022.

“Expanding our global footprint in MENA into all three of our core verticals - - year-round content; continuing professional development and the live experience - - is at the heart of this alliance with OMNES Media and we look forward to importing knowledge into the region and exporting what this incredibly innovative region has to offer the world. Building bridges and sharing leading edge thinking and best practices is at the heart of what we do and we are delighted to work with OMNES Media and other key players in the UAE to this end,” said Lord Matthew Scheckner, Global CEO of Advertising Week.

“We are honoured to partner with the Advertising Week, the global mega event for advertising, marketing and technology professionals. It’s a moment of proud privilege for our company to be part of this major event in the UAE and to establish a year-round presence on AW360 to showcase MENA innovation. The event will spearhead MENA’s business development into a higher level with more direct international links and networking,” said Fahed Aldeeb, Co-Founder & CEO of OMNES Media.

The 2021 MENA edition of Advertising Week will be the 7th global market joining New York City, London, Tokyo, Sydney, Mexico City and Johannesburg. “The EXPO will be a unifying international event and also unites two sympatico philosophies - - the EXPO is leveraging their global platform to create a better world and the rise of business and purpose we have long advocated for will be front and center in MENA,” added Scheckner.

Preparations for this alliance began several years ago including a delegation from the UAE who attended Advertising Week Europe in London in 2018. Overall, the UAE was chosen for its robust infrastructure, progressive business environment and long-standing commitment to fostering innovation. Another added attraction is that the event will coincide with the EXPO which brings the world’s most influential brands, creatives, marketing, media and technology leaders to the world’s largest gathering of innovators. “It is a genuine opportunity to help shape our future for generations to come,” added Aldeeb.

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